Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulations

Triveni can help your organization manage complex cybersecurity and privacy regulations.

Whether it is configuring firewalls, training or helping to defend your organization, Triveni can provide best-of-class solutions. Our experts are experienced in an array of security products. In addition, we can also help you navigate and configure complex privacy regulations such as GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, NY SHIELD, and others. Finally, Triveni can configure and maintain Accessibility (WCAG) settings for your company's online materials.

Key services include:

  • Security Assessments
  • Testing and Configuration
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Testing
  • Consultation on and Establishment of Privacy Regulations within your Organization 
  • ADA Web Accessibility Evaluation and Remediation Solutions (WCAG)
Manage complex cybersecurity and privacy regulations


In today’s business and personal environment, it is critical to ensure that your company and employees are aware of their digital surroundings. Every day, an increasing number of phishing scams and social engineering attempts pose a growing threat to organizations worldwide. Organizations must be diligent in not only setting up hardware and software solutions, but also ensuring that every team member is aware of cyber threats. Our team of experts can provide your company with a top-to-bottom approach to cybersecurity.

Privacy Regulations

Many privacy regulations, some of which have been recently updated or augmented, are complex and require a concerted effort to navigate and implement. With GDPR taking center stage in 2018, as well as PIPEDA, CCPA, New York’s SHIELD Act, and others recently, privacy regulations can be difficult to adopt. Triveni experts can help you to implement solutions for privacy.

Cybersecurity, privacy regulations and web accessibility are critical to operating in today's business environment.

- Srujal Shah, President, Triveni

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility is the practice of ensuring that website visitors that have visual, audio, cognitive, physical and other disabilities can use your site. To that end, sites must adhere to Website Content and Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG. The current standard is WCAG 2.1 AA and covers things such as contrast ratios, describing artwork, page structure, removing confusing obstacles, and more. Our web development professionals can help to ensure that your site meets current WCAG standards.

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