Managed Technical and Support Services

IT support for every part of your business.

As companies look to streamline operations and reduce costs, outsourcing technology can provide an immediate, experienced resolution. Our team of IT professionals include web designers, programmers, solutions architects, business analysts, security professionals, and others. 

Key services include:

  • Programming Talent
  • Troubleshooting and User Guidance
  • Product Development and Technical Support
  • Content and Communications Production Support
  • Configuration and Management of Technical Solutions
  • Acting as IT Department on Behalf of Company
  • Marketing Department Support
IT support for every part of your business

Common Scenarios

Triveni can extend your team’s capabilities through our technical and support services. Whether you need a part-time team member to work on specific tasks or a full team to cover a department, our qualified experts bring an array of talents and skills to your organization. 

Individual Tasks and Goals

Triveni’s management team will work with your organization to assess your needs. Based on that assessment, we will pair your organization with the team resource best suited to fit with your goals. 

As a service company, Triveni understands that not all organizations have the ability to fill staff positions. We can help!

- Srujal Shah, President, Triveni

Partial or Full Team Extension

Sometimes, it makes sense to outsource complex IT functions and responsibilities, either partially or entirely. Our team has worked together in a variety of environments and are used to working on all different types of projects. We’ll typically include a project manager to liaison with the organization and our team. However, we can also be available for regular meetings.

Customer Support Operations

Offering a service or have a product where you need to provide customer support? Look no further than Triveni. Our team members are adept in different software environments and scenarios. With that, we familiarize ourselves with your existing products and services in order to provide end user support and training options.

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