Product Development

Triveni is a full-cycle software product development (SPD) service provider.

We support you at any stage of your product evolution, from a mere idea to product implementation, support and maintenance. Our team has worked in a wide range of industries and have helped organizations develop new systems that streamline productivity and increase operational efficiency.

Engagement Scenarios

Product Development typically involves a number of scenarios. In most situations, we will start with a business analysis to determine functional and technical specifications. From there, we will coordinate the resources necessary to meet the product development head on.

Full Cycle Product Development

You have a idea that you’d like to execute and convey to a business. We will help you calculate your required budget, allot a team and coordinate it appropriately with your product management and marketing groups.

Project and Product Rescue

You have a partially finished product, and it needs to be completed by a certain deadline. Documentation may be minimal or non-existent. Source code may be absent or more. Our experts can examine the product and help you come up with a plan to complete your product in a timely fashion.

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In-House Team Expansion

You have effectively characterized procedures and built up a group, yet you might want to broaden or enhance your current development capacities. We will examine your current procedures and mix our standard methodology with yours. We can appoint a project team for your company that can be scaled when needed. The procedure is composed by a product development manager on the customer’s side.

Independent QA and Testing

We can provide a full-cycle, independent QA service or only a particular type of test. We ordinarily work with your current frameworks to resolve issues, but we can also help you build a new one from the ground up, one that you can use for proficient and straightforward correspondence. We’ll chip in our expertise with an in-house QA team or work with yours.

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